Author Topic: 2006 Hyundai Sonata check engine light  (Read 8660 times)

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2006 Hyundai Sonata check engine light
on: February 24, 2007, 04:28:37 PM
My Hyundai Sonata has been the dealer twice so far and the problem hasn't been fixed yet.   Once in a while (usually once every two weeks) when I accelerate (ie to pass a car on 2 lane highway) the check engine light comes on and the esc light comes on and the car goes into a limp power mode or fail safe mode and the engine won't rev above 2000 rpm until I turn the car off and back on again.  Here is what the mechanic wrote on the last invoice:  Scanner had codes c1611 esp/abs can, p2138 tps/aps, p2106 etc, p0021 cam position time (b2).  Called and talked to bob s (hyundai engineer) said to chk cvvt control valve other codes can be caused when goes into failsafe, removed cvvt control valve inspected and clean (left, frt, b2) and reinstalled. On the way home the car did it again as I was passing someone on a two lane highway causing the car to lose power suddenly and making me abort the pass.  Anbody know what the codes mean and any suggestions.  The car is still under warranty but looks like I will have several more trips to the dealer which is 70 miles away to get this resolved.



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Reply #1 on: February 25, 2007, 07:27:18 PM
I couldn't find a code P0021 for cam position time bank 1.

DTC p2106 is a code that means that the engine controller has gone into a limp mode cause it detected a problem with the electronic throttle control system.  This DTC will set if DTC 2138 is set.
The dealer needs to examine and follow the diagnostics for DTC 2138 which is setting because there is a problem in the electronic throttle control position sensors' information. There are two sensors that are on the accelerator pedal that monitor the accelerator pedal's position.  The two sensors are redundant in the event if one fails. The accelerator pedal's position is then sent to the engine controller.  Then the engine controller sends a signal the electric motor that moves the throttle plate.  There is no manual connection between the gas pedal and the throttle.  If a sensor goes bad, the two sensors inputs are different, an electrical signal is lost between the sensor and the engine control unit, or if there is a problem with the engine control unit then DTC 2106 will set and the engine will have 25% power.  Look for the obvious such as poor electrical connections at the pedal sensors and the ECU since this problem is intermittent.  There is a capability of looking at the fault records with the factory scan tool .The engine controller takes a snap shot of data input and output conditions when a DTC sets.  Looking at the pedal data information when the fault occurred might help in their diagnosis.

Code C1611 is basically a communications problem on the CAN(Controller Area Network).  The computers (modules) in the vehicle communicate with each other.  They send each other information over a data bus.  The network is similar to how the Internet works or a home PC network works.  The CAN protocol is what the modules use to communicate with each other.  The CAN protocol is designed for faster data speed.  There are more computers in today?s cars, which require more bandwidth and information validation requirements.  For some reason communications between two modules across the CAN network had an error and DTC C1611 set.  It is either a hardware problem or a software issue.  The only way of diagnosing this kind of fault is by replacing modules to see if the fault goes away.  Another problem is that the fault may be intermittent also.  Have the codes cleared and see if the code returns.  If it is a software issue causing the error then the factory is probably working on a solution and should come out with a fix.  

Here is the factory information on your DTCs  

DTC P2106(will set if P2138 is set)
If a malfunction occurs in the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system, the ECM will control the engine from predetermined data stored in its memory or stop the engine if a safety problem is anticipated, as an Emergency Operation (Limp-Home) mode. The purpose of Limp-Home mode is to control the engine as close as possible to normal engine operation if a malfunction occurs. When the DTC related to ETC system is recorded by the ECM, then this DTC will be set. This DTC only indicates malfunction related to ETC system has occurred and engine is in Limp-Home mode. DO ALL REPAIRS associated malfunction with ETC system.
ECM sets DTC P2106 to indicate ETC system malfunction has occurred and engine is in Limp-Home mode. The ECM reduces engine torque by 25% of normal value after setting the DTC, as an Emergency Operation (Limp-Home) mode.

DTC 2138
The Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system is made of the components throttle body, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) 1&2 and Accelerator Position Sensor (APS)1&2.The APS is mounted in the accelerator pedal to detect the opening angle of the accelerator pedal. It has 2 sensors to detect the accelerator position and a malfunction of the accelerator position sensor. The ECM judges the current opening angle of the accelerator pedal from APS1&2, and the ECM controls the throttle motor based on these signals.
ECM sets DTC P2138 if the ECM detects output voltage of the APS1 is not proportion to APS2

The CAN is for sending and receiving the information for TCS (ESC) control, between the HECU and EMS/TCU.
This code shows in case that there is an error on the CAN hardware. In this case, replace the HECU and check.
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Re: 2006 Hyundai Sonata check engine light
Reply #2 on: August 17, 2010, 10:26:28 AM
This check engine light comes on in my Sonata 2.4 - 2006 - when I accelerate just after started the engine early in the morning  and the car goes also into a limp power mode and the engine won't rev above 2500 rpm . I turn the car off and back on again, no change, check engine light on. Battery was disconnected for resetting the system. Nothing change.  The mechanic found with the scanner two failures codes corresponding to Accel. pedal and Accel. electric motor. I decided to try with pedal first and see the response. At the same time the main throttle of air admission was found can't open fully due to their sensor was receiving a wrong signal from pedal or electric motor. The aperture of the throttle was proportional tho the limited acceleration/rpm of the engine.  Previous to all these symptoms, the car could develope a top speed of 113 mph only, at sea level under temp. of 93 F, high humidity. No matter the driving conditions, city or highway, the fuel consumption was always abnormally high, very far from standards.
The mechanic found in the pedal six very thin electric cables, very soft like a human hair, with one end properly welded but the other end, that touch/contact an electronic plate without any clamp or welding that can assure the permanent contact.
Every thin cable was able to loss its supposed osition/contact under rough driving conditions. After welding each loosen end (gold of 24k was used) the check engine is off, fuel consumption is outstanding low, acceleration response is better than ever, and I cancelled my previous decision to sell the car.
Hoping you can find this useful having in mind a new pedal replacement can lead to same situation at any time.


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